Python boot camp day 1

Just conducted the first day of the two day boot camp ..
It was just an introduction to python today .
I guess around 40 people attended , though dayscholars left early .
I taught simple concepts as to create variables, use control structures , loops and the advanced data types of python-lists,tuples, and dictionaries. Taught them the basics as to how to run the scripts, how to create new modules ,etc,etc…..
Special thanks to ASCII team for organizing the boot camp , ofcourse who can forge Mr.Gautam .
Finally the audience was good, they understood the concepts , asked me a lot of questions,
I got a positive feedback from the crowd/audience..
Enjoyed teaching python , mostly it was my voice which i just startled me . I fell in love with my voice , reverberating the room 🙂
Planning to surprise the audience tomorrow , with some thing innovative. 🙂


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