Python Boot Camp Day 2

Wow, the audience was more than yesterday , that means I have to teach them the basics again … Its ok .
I taught them some of the concepts which I taught yesterday , ofcourse I had to go through them fast , as today was the last day and I had to cover a lot of things. I guess I went a bit too fast , as far as the feedback I got from the people who attended my session .
Good that , atleast I made a point to show them the power of Python by building an application which they had to do .
I showed them the code, that is to backup files , i.e my last blog post . Yeah the audience liked that they are actually building an application . I explained them the syntax , there by every one building the application . Ofcourse lot of them had troubles cos they are newbies to this language . Its ok , I along with some of the ASCII coordinators helped them complete the application and run it. People liked the workshop , though I should have done more justice over the basic concepts for people who didnt attend day 1 session . Lets hope , if I get another opportunity , I would spend more time with the basics.
The best part was having our professor, Ms.Karthi who taught operating system for us , sitting and listening to my session . Great!!!!!


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