Pyti Infrastructure

Not been blogging in a while , but I guess I should blog more about what I am doing these days , mostly working on my Gsoc Project proposal .

Here is what I learnt after a lot discussions in the mailing list and talking to different people about the idea.

The idea goes somewhat like this :

Basically there are lot of packages in the PyPI (python packaging index) repository and it is open to everyone. So the community had decided to implement a PyTI (Python Testing Infrastructure) to test the packages which a user want to download .

The course of the project somewhat goes like this :

1) The user requests a test on a package which he wants to download.
2) Using a feed/notifier , we can schedule a init() call to a virtual manager (in this case Amazon EC2 is the most prefered option)
3) The virtual manager boots the os and then cleans up the environment for testing .
4) The packages are installed with their dependencies
5) Tests are conducted on these packages which include
1. Test suite (If it is already present )
2. pep8,pylint,maccabe
3. custom tests
6) The vm is shutdown after cleaning up the environment
7) A qa is done and the user is notified of the results


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