Fun with VirtualMachines

Over the last one week , all I did was play with Virtual Machines. The tests on the distributions will happen over a Virtual Machine . So its very important that we can control these VMs with a script.

Candidate : VirtualBox
Operating System : Damn Small Linux
Virtual Hard disk : A VDI image of 2.5 GB
RAM: 256 MB
Library: used libvirt to control the virtual machines
Features tested: Start, Stop, Snapshot, Rollback

Using libvirt was nice. It supports a range of hypervisors to be controlled with the same library, though I had my fair share of difficulties especially with the documentation.

Another feature I worked on this week is mounting the virtual hard disk image on the host. I used libguestfs library to achieve this. The features I have added for PyTI for now are
uploading and downloading files from and to the virtual hard disk on to the host machine.

Would really thank Alexis, one of my mentor for his help in giving me feedback , refactoring my code and testing it .


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