My experience so far

Having never so far contributed to Open Source(except for couple of patches to PSF) , it was an wonderful opportunity helping me to learn a lot about Open Source and Python(as a programming language). Realized that Software Engineering is better understood practically
than theoretically(at school). With my mentors support , I was able to learn a lot of things about how to program better , and also how to program in a Pythonic way. There has been couple of hiccups on my side, but it was always overcome with my mentors help. So, participating in Gsoc has been really amazing. With Mid-Term evaluations coming in three days, I will be a little busy , finishing over my pending work .

Work achieved so far (me and Boris):
1) Have a VManager to handler VM functionalities
2) Have a Diskhandler to transfer data to and fro the Virtual Hard disk
3) Manager functionality which synchronizes all the operations which constitutes downloading the packages, calculates the dependencies, transfer data on to the disk, call the VM, execute the tests and get the results back. (needs to be enhanced little)
4) A communication channel between master and slave(needs to be enhanced little)
5) Creating tasks for execution
6) Creating simple recipes
7) Task Manager for execution of tasks.


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