VDFuse replacing GuestFS

Just a week back, we decided to replace GuestFS and use VDFuse. Though GuestFS comes with certain advantages, w.r.t VDFuse in terms
of support for several file formats which makes it easy to extend to other file formats and also python bindings, we faced a lot
of problems working with it. Some of them are:

  • Installing GuestFS is a big headache as there are lot of dependencies to be installed and even after that its not necessary that
    it works always. This might turn out to be one reason for developers to not try out PyTI.
  • GuestFS is not very stable . There were lot of times it didnt work and couple of issues of GuestFS hanging without any reason.
  • It takes a lot of time initializing GuestFS for reading or writing into the disk

Yes, as I mentioned before, we moved to VDFuse for now. It grows out of the difficulties of GuestFS and it is a decent solution for
reading or writing to the disk.


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